Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Post weekend show report

The second Copperfox Tour Event took place this past Sunday in beautiful Devon, England not far from the Cornish border. British hobbyist, Jackie Radwanski, was in attendance and kindly has allowed me to share some of her photos here.
The day started with a long queue to buy models ...
Not surprisingly, the full range of Copperfox models were on display, 
along with Copperfox clothing...
and other goodies.  
There were some real bargains to be had...
and everyone was digging deep to see what they could find! 
Here's a look at the prize table.
The two top prizes were glossy Copperfox Connemaras. 
Aren't they lovely?
 The raffle models were also glossy and just as nice. 
Finally, the show began!
Performance was first.
Jackie had a good day winning first place with her dressage horse...
and polo pony...
and second with her draft horse barrel racer
It was her scene entry, however, which really drew a crowd. 
I will post detailed pictures of this spectacular entry tomorrow. For now, here's a little teaser.
Jackie's dressage horse was named Performance Champion.
Breed classes were next.
Top honors in this division went to Dorothy Jacobs' Friesian.
The champion and reserve champions from both divisions were brought back for the  Supreme Championship judge off.
In the end, Jackie's dressage horse was named Supreme Champion... 
with Dorothy's Friesian in Reserve.
Congratulations, ladies! 
Thanks again, Jackie. That looks like it was a really fun show!


  1. This looks like so much fun!
    A quick question - Jackie's dressage horse looks a little like Apparition (your custom Totilas). Are they the same mold, or do they come from the same original mold?

    1. Yes, they're both Breyer Totilas models. Jackie's is OF. My Apparition is custom painted by Sheryl Leisure.

  2. I love that paint Connemara! Do you know who the lucky winner was?

  3. Wait... the halter horses and performance horses compete for overall against each other? Wow, that's different. I can't really imagine how that would go well for halter horses. "Well, McFluffybritches, you stood on the table looking handsome, but Von Prancingham, you wore tack and were part of complicated setups with dolls and props. Winner, obviously, is Von Prancingham."

    Or is that just my performance bias talking? :)

    1. I've only attended one show that chose a Champion of Champions, and that title went to a halter horse. I was the performance judge, and I actively campaigned for my top pick to win the big prize. No dice.


  4. Speaking from experience here in the UK, usually a halter horse wins the supreme championship. I think it's because there's always a slightly higher likelihood that something could be incorrect on the performance set up, purely because there's so many more factors involved

  5. At shows in the UK it Championships can differ, so some have Supreme Championships for both halter and performance and others have a mix of halter and performance in Supreme Championships.

  6. That polo entry looks an awful lot like the OF Breyer wearing YOUR tack and doll... am I right, or was he customized?

    1. Yes, the polo pony is a Breyer OF as is the tack. The tack was slighly CMed to get a better fit but other than that it's all OF :)

  7. That is freakin' amazing. I love all the tiny details.