Saturday, April 2, 2016


There aren't a lot of people who like dogs as much as I do...
but Mackenzie Purdy might like them even more.
We both missed our dogs while we were at BreyerWest, so we started going on dog hunts.
Fortunately, there were almost as many dogs at the Northwest Horse Fair and Exp as there were horses.
There were little dogs,
medium dogs..
and big dogs.
There were dogs in sweaters, 
dogs in strollers, 
deaf dogs...
and dogs who looked like pillows...
with a face!
All the dogs...
were given pets,
and kisses... 
and butt rubs.
I had so much fun playing with the dogs of BreyerWest, I barely had time to miss my girls.
Just kidding! I always miss my girls...
and I know Mackenzie missed her Baxter...
but this was an awesome dog filled weekend nonetheless!


  1. LOVE your dogs! They look just as Ma Nature intended dogs to look.

  2. That is one Pampered Poodle! I love dogs, too, although my pets of choice are cats and I miss them terribly when I'm away so I can relate.

  3. That German Shepherd is beautiful, wow.

  4. I love dogs...all animals actually. I have to say hi to them whenever I encounter them.