Saturday, December 12, 2015

Thursday with Trisha

Just some of them
She's enjoyed owning them, but recent financial setbacks have convinced her to part with a few. On Thursday, I drove up to her farm in Wellington, Colorado to help her photograph the sales horses.
Before we did that, however, we rode! 
My first mount was Jacob...
 the amazing ground tying Fjord.
After that, I climbed onto Katie.
She ground ties, too!
Trisha also rode two. This is her on Howie, the National Show Horse.
After riding comes barn chores.
If you've ever wondered what a Fjord looks like with a natural mane, here's the answer.
So darn cute!
Then--finally!--it was time to go inside and take pictures of those models.


  1. I would have liked to see a larger photo of the models. It didn't come up on the enlarger pane like the other photos did. And that Fjord is gorgeous!

    1. If I add captions, the photos don't enlarge. That's the reason I try not to use them.

      Never fear, though. Wait a day or two and there will be plenty of pictures of the Marie Welch Collection.


  2. I love the fjords they are so cute! Also congrats on almost 3 million views. :)