Sunday, December 13, 2015

Mt. View barn cats, past and present

As long as I've known her...
Trisha with Minion, 1989
Trisha has been a cat girl.
Trisha with Westley and Buttercup, 2015
One of the best parts of last Thursday's visit was meeting the new trio of barn kitties. 
Valerie Luna
You would never guess these cats used to be feral. They are so friendly!
Trisha's house kitty, Sasquatch, is awesome, too. Here he is supervising the model horse photography shoot.
Trisha's always had good cats. 
My favorites were the Beauty and the Beast litter from our college days. These four siblings were originally named Vincent, Katherine, Winslow and Mouse. When they were old enough to be neutered, it was discovered that Vincent was a girl and Katherine was a boy. Vincent stayed Vincent until she disappeared. 
Kit Kat and Mouse
Katherine was renamed Kit Kat.
Kit Kat on Peace
I really loved these cats.
Winslow on Peace
They were an integral part of my horse life throughout my college years. I can't think of Peace, Hope and Charity without also remembering Kit Kat, Winslow and Mouse.
Cats and barns go together like girls and ponies. Neko Atsume should definitely offer an equestrian themed remodel. I would happily pay three hundred gold fish for that!

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  1. They are all pretty kitties. In the course of loving horses and being around barns I've brought home a few barn kittens and loved on many others. I laughed out loud at your Neko Atsume tie-in at the end. Yes, much gold fish would be paid if they would offer a tack room remodel! ;)