Friday, December 4, 2015

Kitty collector

Before I ever wanted a horse, I wanted a cat. 
Unfortunately, my dad is allergic to cats, so I couldn't have a cat of my own. Instead, I made friends with my neighbor's Siamese, Peppy. Oh, I loved that cat, and she seemed to love me, too. She came when I called her, and we spent many happy hours playing together in the front yard.
Then my neighbors got rid of her.
I never really got over it. 
My cat obsession ended with Peppy, and I moved on to a more "attainable" animal.
This was probably a good thing, as I have inherited some of my dad's cat allergies. I still like cats, but I don't feel the need to own one. 
I am happy to make do with barn cats...
(this one was my favorite)...
This should be all I have to say about cats, but recently they've been on my mind again. 
For reasons I do not understand, I am now taking care of a whole herd of cyber cats.
And that's not the worst of it. I have dusted off my 1:9 scale cat collection...
and am trying to match them up to the Neko Atsume cats. That spotted kitty at the scratching post...
Here she is on my shelf!
I kind of want to build a 1:9 scale cat yard, but this is a slippery slope for me. I do not need to be obsessed with cats again. No, no, no!


  1. Sushi-Berry! :D (New nickname for the cat who has more nicknames than cat toys...)

    And yes you do. You need to meet Cowboy :D

    1. That is probably my favorite cat picture I've ever taken. And yes, I do need to meet Cowboy!

  2. It's like the mini Rose horses, isn't it. Slippery slope. We appear to be wired for cuteness. I like your model cat collection.

    1. Slippery slope is why I have not allowed any mini Rose horses onto my shelves. I don't think I'd stop at one...

  3. Come to the dark side, Jennifer. We have cats! You need to do a cat thread where we send in pictures of our kitties. Aside from that, you totally need to do a kitty yard.

  4. You can't escape from cats! ^^

  5. Kitties have a way of creeping into your heart when you LEAST expect it - you can't outrun them! (she says, typing with a kitty sitting on her lap...) *VBG*