Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tack reference Tuesday

Wisconsin hobbyist, Ashley Gade's boarding stable was recently visited by the Madison Mounted Police.
Two officers "arresting" their boss. They are not allowed to do a pretend arrest with a civilian.
Ashley is a performance shower, so she knows you can never have too many reference photos. With camera in hand, she took full advantage of the visit, and has kindly allowed me to show her pictures here.
Each horse wore a halter/bridle combination...
with an attached leadrope...
that was tied to the saddle. 
 Saddles are an all purpose treeless design...
fitted with saddlebags... 
 and a baton holder.
They also use a short dressage style girth. 
Each horse wears a breastplate. 
The badge attached to this breastplate indicates that he has been part of the force for more than two years, and is no longer considered a rookie.
 Here's a look at the officer's uniform. 
Another view.
This particular unit prefers black horses that are either full or part draft, although Friesians are also acceptable. Manes are roached and the feathers are shaved.
Thank you so much for the pictures and information, Ashley. That was really interesting!


  1. I think the idea of making a mounted police performance setup is brilliant. And it's so varied as well: different countries and even different police forces have different tack and even requirements for their horses and riders. And I bet it would be a lot of fun to make tack and jackets with florescent yellow fabric :)

  2. Jane Schneider and I did create a mounted police set for the 2010 NAN auction. It was a lot of fun to make, and I've always wanted to revisit the idea. Maybe next time, I'll go with a treeless style saddle.