Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Restorative justice

Four months ago, I bought a budget priced Stacey Tumlinson Desperado resin painted by Caroline Boydston. He was really beautiful, but also really broken.
Some of the damage was minor...
but this leg was a serious problem. In addition to the obvious crack, the internal support wire had bent and was popping out the front of the pastern. This is the main weight bearing leg on a heavy, solid cast resin. A simple patch wasn't going to cut it. Extensive repair work was needed.
I'd originally planned to fix him myself, but the more I looked at that leg, the more intimidated I got. In the end, I decided he was beyond my skill set. I boxed him up and sent him to Tiffany Purdy, who is the best fix-it person I know.
Here he is on her operating table...
and back in one piece. 
Oh, I am so glad I sent him to Tiffany! 
It's like he was never broken. 
The repairs are solid and the paint matching is seamless.
He is perfection from one end...
to the other!
Thank you so much, Tiffany. That's one of the best Christmas presents ever!


  1. *aaaaahh* so pretty. Purdy Hospital!!

  2. That's an awesome repair job! And his dapples are <3

  3. Wow, he is fantastic!

  4. He's gorgeous. Glad Tiffany could fix him for you. I really love his face.