Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Quick tips from Charlotte--prepping tools

At any given time, I am likely to have two or three naked resins on or near my workbench. Right now it's a brand new Aerosmith, Jennifer Scott's waste mold Zephyrus and an Eberl, Anya. I pick them up between tack projects and fix ears, fill pinholes and sand seems. Slowly--ever so slowly--the naked resins become prepped naked resins. 

It's a good system, except for the slow part.

Fortunately, it's not quite as slow as it used to be. I have always struggled with reaching seems in tight spots, but thanks to this tip from Charlotte Donahue, that's become a lot easier. Thank you so much, Charlotte!

Prepping Tools

by Charlotte Donahue

Here are a couple tools that make prepping easier...

The upper item is a small pair of curved hemostats (thank you, Morgen Kilbourn Rossomando!) with a small strip of sanding sponge in its teeth. This is handy for reaching into tight places, such as the groin or between the front legs.
Below it is a pigtail cheapie riffler file atop a piece of sanding sponge. This combo can also be pushed into areas that are not easily accessed by your fingers, 
As always, thanks to Charlotte for allowing me to share her tips here!

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