Saturday, October 3, 2015

Nameplate halters

Here's the thing about nameplate halters: They're aren't really show tack. 

In fact, just the opposite is true. Although rules vary by region, if you use a nameplate halter at NAN, your horse will be disqualified. It's happened before.

Because of this, people who buy nameplate halters do so not because they want to win a blue ribbon, but because they have a deep and abiding affection for a specific model.

I kind of love that.
Most of my tack customers are also my friends, so I wasn't surprised by the names chosen for the recent batch of nameplate halters. 
Janna Shepherd's head down Palouse, Arrietty, has been featured on this blog several times
She's a serious performance superstar with many championships to her name. As Janna says, she's earned her halter. 
The same can be said for Jackie Arns-Rossi's Polka Parr T
Created in 1999, this customized BHR Reiner is still a contender in the tough Region X performance arena. Here he is winning the Scene class at last year's TRXC.
Although Sara Kucharski hasn't owned Gifted nearly as long...
this customized Valor has quickly found his way into her heart.
Likewise, Margaret Balch's Daydream Believer is a new but cherished member of her herd.
And what's not to love? Just look at this Purdy boy! 
Thanks you, Janna, Jackie, Sara and Margaret. I really enjoyed making nameplate halters for the your favorite model friends.


  1. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  2. Do you ever think you'll do another sale on these name plate halters?

    1. Probably. I do like making them. The biggest limiting factor right now is that the slotted halter rings are out of stock at Rio Rondo and are not scheduled to be available until December.

  3. I haz a need for a particular one :D (or two really, maybe three)

  4. I would love to order a few halters with name plates!

  5. I would love to order a few halters with name plates!

  6. How do you make the name plates? They look fantastic