Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I love you guys

I am really, really, really frustrated with the model horse hobby as a whole today.

However, I am not frustrated with any of these people.
These people rock.
Thank you Yashka Hallein, Sandy Sandersen, Teresa Buzzell, Heather Malone, Carra McClelland, Collyn Richmond, Karen Gerhardt, Teresa Fedak, Jane Schneider, JerryLynn Rice, Dana D'Ippolito, Vicky Kitzman, Fabian Rodriguez, Heather Roell, Dayle Steinke, Beth McCarley, Jennifer Selsted, Jennifer Scott, Regan O'Keefe, Melissa Addison, Nancy Dement and everyone else (I'm sure I've forgotten someone) who makes Colorado the nicest place to collect and show model horses. I love you guys!