Sunday, October 4, 2015

ZuZu's halter

Tracy asked for a foal halter to fit her Camilia. Since I am not familiar with current Breyer names, I typed "Breyer Camilia" into a search engine. It was then that I made a shocking discovery.

Camilia is Foalzilla.
I have a pretty good system for making tack for models not in my possession, but it works best when I use models of similar sizes. Unfortunately, nothing is similar to Foalzilla. For a brief moment, I contemplated buying an over-sized foal of my own. Then I remembered that my friend, Teresa, has one. 
Teresa is a hobby friend who also rides with me sometimes. I sent her a message asking if she'd like to come to the barn this week. Also, could I borrow her enormous foal?
She said yes to both questions.
Talk about a win-win solution! 
Camilia isn't the largest model I've had on my workbench...
but she's certainly the biggest in scale. 
 This was another fun halter to make.
Thank you for your order, Tracy. Teresa and I both enjoyed this one!


  1. Great photo of the nearside of Camila's head - I love that tongue, and the ears. And what a beautiful halter.

  2. Good to see Trovao making an appearance on the blog. Can I borrow him, and his tack, back for the performance show in November? I'm feeling the desire to show and don't have much.