Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pictures from yesterday's ride

If I hadn't already had plans, I would have spent all of yesterday curled up in fetal position and crying online with my hobby friends. 

Instead, I drove to Carol's house, and together, we went to the barn.
Carol rode Sweet Pea... 
and I rode Santana. 
I won't say this was the best ride of my life. Despite the beautiful weather and good company, it was impossible to stay in the moment and be happy. I spent most of the ride talking about Jim, and more than a few tears were shed. Fortunately, Carol has broad shoulders.
And you know all those memes about how horses are better than therapy? Well, it's true. Santana is the best therapy ever. 
We rode home under a beautiful, clear sky.
Thanks to Carol, Santana and Sweet Pea for making this sad day a little more bearable. 

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