Monday, October 5, 2015

Abby's halter

I make model horse tack, but occasionally I get an order that has more to do with real, live, breathing horses than their plastic counterparts. This was the case with Abby's halter.
 Abby is a chestnut Appaloosa mare owned by Lynn Isenbarger.
She was a rescue, one of a group of  nineteen neglected and abused horses that were taken in by Indiana Horse Rescue in 2011. When Lynn adopted her, she had a badly slippered front hoof and limped for more than a year.
Lynn writes: My son called as I was hauling Abby home in April, 2012 His wife was in labor and later that morning gave birth to our granddaughter, Corinne. Corinne loves the fact that she was born on Abby's "birthday" and calls Abby her "tins hoss" (twin horse.) Makes me smile. 
Granted, I am hugely biased in favor of chestnut varnish Appaloosa mares and all animals name Abby/Abbie, but that makes me smile, too. I am happy every time Lynn posts a picture of Abby on her blog or Facebook page. She is one of my favorite "cyber horses."
Thank you for your order, Lynn. I hope you and your beautiful girl enjoy the halter!


  1. Now she just needs a model horse Abby for the halter to go on!! ;-)

  2. I suspect that is in the works, but speaking from experience, it's hard to find painters who are willing and able to tackle a roany Appaloosa. I had to beg and bribe Tiffany to paint my Snickers.


  3. This was wonderful to read! Thank you! And I am so excited to see my mini-Abby halter. :)