Thursday, October 1, 2015

Pictures from yesterday's ride

Although I love riding with friends, every now and then I like to take Santana for a solo trail ride.
Of course solo rides are never really solo. The trails near Kenlyn are teeming with critters. Yesterday's most notable encounter  was with the deer that live down in the river bottom.
We saw the doe first...
but she was quickly joined by her fawn.
The fawn was very curious. S/he made a big circle around us, studying Santana from every angle.
Eventually, three more deer wandered into the clearing.
We hung out together for twenty minutes before going our separate ways.
Santana is a wonderful trail companion. I think he enjoyed this ride as much as I did.
I am so fortunate to have this big, sweet horse in my life. Yesterday was a good day.


  1. Sounds, and looks like, a great ride! :)

  2. looks amazing wish we had more rides like this in the UK !