Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Field of happiness

You know it's a good day when the mailman brings something wrapped in pink. In the last week, I've been the lucky recipient of two deliveries from Anne Field's Field of Dolls Studios.
The first came through an intermediary rather than from Anne herself. This beautiful Western Pleasure doll was my prize for winning MEPSA's 2015 Tack Contest. Thank you so much to everyone who voted for my entry!
I was hoping to use this doll with this horses because the colors are just perfect together. Unfortunately, Gizette's back is so short, she doesn't properly fit any of my adult sized Western saddles. I showed this picture to Erin, and she said Tiffany should make me a bigger horse in exactly this same color. Sounds good to me!
Today's box contained two dolls Anne made specifically for me. The first is a pink and brown saddle seat rider.
The first time I showed Lady Liberty in performance, I had to borrow a doll and bridle from Tiffany. Since she did well and I enjoyed showing her, she now has a doll...
and bridle of her own. Hurray!
Snickers got a rider, too. Because real Snickers was not a girly pony, I decided model Snickers should have a red haired boy rather than a pinky girl. Of course, this means she probably needs a new Western saddle.
While Snickers was on my work table, I decided to revamp her halter. It now has a new nameplate (the old one was smeary) and blue padding. I guess blue is her color!
Thank you so much, Anne, for all my new riders. They are wonderful!

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