Friday, January 30, 2015

Vicky's contest entry

Like me, Vicky Norris is a tack maker, performance shower and dog lover.  Her entry for the BCS Winter Photo Challenge reflects all these things, which makes me very happy.  Thanks for entering, Vicky!

1. Vintage
Charcoal fighting and running stallions
2. Nekkid
Pile up....These need dressing up as saddles!
3. Scale issues 
Look you, you must be THIS tall to be in this class!
4. I see spots 
My favorite type of spots....
5. Unbridled passion
Jack Russells!!!!  On the trail with the pack!
6. Rare breed
The very rare Troll Horse, rarely seen, but can be found on Vicky’s work bench if you look
7. Portrait
Panzy’s Little Bit and Van Fran Panzy
My girls... 
8. Conga 
Of course, being a tack junky, brown English Bridles abound around me... and I think there are 2 more hanging around
9. The great outdoors
OH....NO!  It is too BIG!
10. Best in show 
The contest ends a week from tomorrow so there's still lots of time to get your entries in.  I've really enjoyed seeing them all!


  1. I love it, particularly the scale issues and the rare breed -- how appropriate!! And I should've thought of such a conga line... And the naked trees, awesome!

    1. I love the Nekkid saddle trees... Wish I had thought of that!

  2. that troll horse is moderately disturbing... and yet i still kinda love it lol