Saturday, January 3, 2015

Vacation tack

The kids have been out of school since December twentieth, and Seth's office has been closed since Christmas day.   I wanted a vacation, too, so instead of working on orders this week, I've allowed myself to make a few things from my personal "to do" list.  The last of these is a Spanish long reining set for Estudioso.
At this point, the bridle is essentially done, although I do plan to trim that fringe.
I hope to have the reins and surcingle finished by tomorrow.   
Then on Monday, it's back to work and school for the entire Buxton family!


  1. That's a beautiful horse! And tack of course!

  2. Hey just wondering not to be rude but can you check out my new blog ? BTW it is so beautiful ;D

  3. nice! i kinda love the fringe, tho i'm not certain on its purpose?