Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Back to work

The holiday season is officially over...
and I am back to work.
This week is dedicated to small orders, like nameplates...
and nameplate halters.
I've also done some repair work for the IPABRA Tack Library.  This vintage (1994!) pony saddle by Corinne Herb (now Ensor) had a broken stirrup bar...
and this parade bridle had a broken noseband.
I tried to repair it, but the leather was dry and crumbly and practically fell apart in my hands.  In the end, it was easier to start from scratch with better leather and buckles.  
I added crystals to the bit...
but maintained some of the bridle's original character by reusing the brow and noseband decorations.
I still have two bridles and another halter left, and then, hopefully, it's on to saddles!


  1. Love it all! Can you give me a hint on the nameplates? I know you don't have any open orders so I'm taking a stab at ribbion halters. Any hints would be greatly appreciated as I'm just a thirteen year old, beginning tack maker. Thanks!

    1. Ribbon is *much* harder to work with than leather. I see so many beginner tackmakers start with ribbon and quickly quit due to frustration. Save yourself some heartache and buy kangaroo lace!

    2. Hmmmm, alright. Thanks. Off to Rio Rondo!

  2. That bridle looks stunning now that it has a new lease on life!