Sunday, January 25, 2015

Rodeo extra

Unlike most horse shows, professional rodeos are designed with the spectator in mind.  The events are fast paced and easy to understand, each class includes a limited number of entrants and the schedule includes lots of entertainment.  Here's a look at some of the non-competitive entries at last Wednesday's edition of the National Western Stock Show Pro Rodeo.

Don't be surprised if these horses look familiar.  I've featured the Westernaires many times on this blog.
The Wells Fargo Stage Coach also made an appearance.
It was joined in the arena by this show team of Percherons. 
Never, ever... 
miss a chance for reference photos! 
Most people think that riding bulls is the most dangerous job in the rodeo, but I'm not convinced that heading a team of six Percherons is any safer. 
Those big boys really wanted to go! 
The "Kiss Cam" kept the audience laughing...
as did this rodeo clown. 
His act included a lot of falling over dancing... 
some water arena skiing.
This would be a really cool model set-up! 
The cutest act of the night was the Mutton Bustin.
In this event, five and six year old children attempt to ride a sheep... 
all the way across the arena. 
Most of them are not successful, but this little girl made it!
Everyone gets a trophy! 
Truth be told, I enjoyed the entertainment part of the rodeo as much as the actual competition.  This was really a fun night.  I wish horse shows could be so entertaining!


  1. Hooray for Mutton Busting! It's always cutest and funniest 'sport' at the rodeo.


  2. Great harness shots! But you can't be serious about that arena skiing. Mutton busting is better!