Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Shana's contest entry

Today's featured entry for the BCS Winter Photo Challenge comes from Shana Bobbitt of Frog Hollow Studios.  She was assisted by her daughter, Ellie, who is featured in #10 Best in show.  Thanks so much for entering Shana and Ellie.  These are wonderful!

1. Vintage
1961 Dapple Grey 'No Muscles' Clydesdale
2. Nekkid 
Emily isn't shy about showing off these in-progress equines
3. Scale issues 
Emmit' a custom by Shana Bobbitt, visits the 1.5 MRI machine at Providence St Mary Medical Center from the tech area.
4. I see spots 
'Golden Opportunity' eyes 'Dazzle' while on the workbench. Horses customized by Shana Bobbitt. Dazzle owned by Bethany Shaw. Golden Opportunity owned by Glenda Fine

5. Unbridled passion
Viktor holds his ground as a passionate Pauline leaps into his arms. He had to make a run to the feed store and she missed him so much!!
6. Rare breed 
"Zuri the Zorse", Customized FAF by Shana Bobbitt, owned by Stacy Quick
7. Portrait 
"Clyde" portrait model, Customized by Shana Bobbitt, owned by Samantha Kroese 
The real Clyde
8. Conga 
My G1 SM Arabian Mare conga. I love them!
9. The great outdoors 
'MSF Sinwaan' - portrait model, HA Sentinel resin sculpted by Stacey Tumlinson, Painted by Shana Bobbitt, Diorama created by Shana Bobbitt, Tack by Carol Howard
10. Best in show 
Ellie (age 4) awarding a rosette to the horse she thinks is the 'Best In Show'
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