Friday, January 30, 2015

Lolita's contest entry

Another day, another great set of photos.  This one comes from Lolita in France.  Thanks for entering, Lolita!

1. Vintage
Scheich shire 2000
2. Nekkid 
3. Scale issues 
4. I see spots 
5. Unbridled passsion 
6. Rare breed 
Irish cob
7. Portrait 
8. Conga 
in progress...
9. The great outdoors 
10. Best in show 
And here's the daily blog list: Keep on Dreamin Dreamer, Tiny Horse Talk and Covert Studios.


  1. Hi,
    I sent you my entries by e mail a few days ago. Did you receive it?

  2. haha i really love how creative everyone has been with the 'scale issues' category

    1. I think I did a pretty good job choosing the prompts, but scale issues is definitely one of the best. :)