Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Almost wordless Wednesday

Coverage of last weekend's A Midwinter Night's Ball show continues!  Today's photos were taken by Janna Shepherd during the highly competitive Custom/Artist Resin Performance division.  Enjoy!
Whistlynn Dixie, Morgen Kilbourn Godive resin painted by Tom Bainbridge and owned by Cynthia McMahon 
Shake Em Up Joe, Sarah Rose Reiner resin owned by Mike Owens 
Vicky Norris' cow 
Bold Zippy Red, Cantrell/Boydston Scholarship resin painted by Caroline Boydston and owned by Vicky Norris, tack by Jennifer Buxton/Braymere Custom Saddlery, props by Vicky Norris  
Mounted Archery target by Vicky Norris 
Breyer Totlias (!) customized and owned by Laura Skillern, props by Laura Skillern
Goodness Gracious, Sheila Bishop Hickory resin painted by Sheila Bishop and owned by Janna Shepherd 
Entry by Lauren Wood
Laura Skillern's cow 
Sarah Rose Independence resin painted by Sommer Prosser and owned by Vicky Norris, tack by Vicky Norris 
Sarah Rose Lone Star resin owned by Laura Skillern, tack and leadline doll by Laura Skillern 
Sarah Rose Lone Star resin owned by Laura Skillern, tack by Laura Skillern 
Breyer Gem Twist customized by Gail Hildebrand and owned by Rene Jordan
Breyer Totilas customized and owned by Laura Skillern
Laura Skillern's Freestyle Reining documentation
Chocolate Bar, custom Breyer Zippo Pine Bar owned by LoGeana Anderson


  1. Wow what great setups! Can't believe that beautiful bay was once a Breyer Gem Twist, what great customisation.

  2. I love these types of posts! :) And maybe it's just me, but I like seeing so many non-Breyer dolls in performance set ups. :D

    1. I couldn't agree more. I don't dislike the Breyer dolls, but it's nice to see some different faces.

  3. Is that Pa Walton in the red plaid shirt with the mule? LOL People are getting away from the Breyer dolls because they now make the heads ridiculously big. Love seeing all these creative set-ups.

  4. I LOVE when you share show photos!

    Do you know what game the men are playing where they're stepping on the photos of tires?

  5. I think maybe it's some variation of musical chairs? Without seeing the documentation it's impossible to know for sure. Despite that, I really like the energy of this entry. The dolls look very enthusiastic and competitive and the mules are long suffering!


    1. I was just wondering what it was too. Missed it at the show or would know! Very nice! Love the dolls and the mules!!!

  6. Beautiful. ...unbeatable. ..unbelievable.