Thursday, February 6, 2014


It's been really, really cold this week.

I'm not talking twenty degrees or ten degrees or even zero degrees.  Yesterday the high was negative one.  Negative one!  For someone who grew up in Los Angeles County, negative one is nearly incomprehensible.  It should never ever be that cold.  I snuggled up to my space heater and spent the entire day inside.

Today was supposed to be a little warmer, but the mercury had barely reached negative one when I decided that I had to go check on Mystyc.  
She seemed happy to see me, and despite a little snow on her ears... 
and ice on her shoulders, she seemed completely comfortable.
I also checked her waterer to make sure it was working.  It was--yay! 
After I was done visiting Mystyc, I spent some time catching up with friends. 
See, Mom, I'm not the only crazy one! 
I also walked around the entire stable area just to make sure all the horses looked okay.
Mary Jo's Scarlett was sunning herself with three little bird friends. 
Casper had a bird, too. 
Despite the extreme cold,
everyone seemed comfortable... 
and in good spirits. 
I didn't stay long, because it really was too cold.
Still, I'm glad I made the effort.  I feel better knowing that Mystyc pony is just fine.  Hopefully the weather will warm up soon, and I can get back to riding!


  1. I love the cold and snow, but even that is too cold for me! The only benefit to it being that cold is its usually DRY. It's funny how sometimes it can feel warmer outside when it's 0 degrees than it does when it's a damp 20 degrees.

    1. It's almost always dry here, thank goodness. Colorado is a very sunny, very low humidity kind of place. That makes most cold days fairly tolerable, but there's really no way for -1 to be okay. That's just too cold!!!

  2. Yah, I am OVER the cold. I'm sure Flick is tired of living in pounds worth of jammies too.

  3. I wish it was -1! My horse had surgery and while she needed meds 3 times a day the temp was -10 with a windchill of -55! Gahhh

    1. Yeah, I would have gladly traded my weather for yours a couple of weeks ago! As cold as it gets in Michigan, no one was happy for the -35 weather! And the worst part: They made us go to school when it was under -10, when we were supposed to have a snow day!

  4. Can we swap some degrees please? The forecast for today is a nice round 100F. Our humidity is 59% too which is much higher than normal, bleh!

  5. I am not missing THAT. Arizona has been a very nice 60-70 degrees this winter. Much more my style!

  6. The Great Lakes have frozen over this year and so now we have no buffer against the Canadian air coming down from the north. Michigan has seen highs of negative numbers in the teens. Parts of Alaska have been warmer!!

  7. Glad all the horses were comfortable, at least! Interesting how most of them are not even blanketed. They sure are tougher than a lot of people think. I guess all the horses in that row have access to a stall, too? Stay warm!

    1. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of blankets. Unless clipped or very old or very young, I think most horses do just fine without. Certainly, everyone at Kenlyn seemed warm enough and happy yesterday. Horses, anyway--all the humans were freezing!!!!

      And yes, all the horses do have access to shelter, although the degree of shelter varies greatly. Mystyc and Sweet Pea have less than most, but they don't seem bothered by that. I was worried about Mystyc because she doesn't have a whole lot of coat, but there was no need for that. She's fine and much, MUCH tougher than me.