Friday, February 14, 2014


I haven't ridden much this month.  First it was cold.  Then I caught a cold.  Between the two colds, it's been a mostly horseless fourteen days, but today--finally!--I was healthy enough to get back on Mystyc and hit the trail.
Because I'm still getting to know her, I've been reluctant to pack my good camera on Mystyc.  However, our last few rides have been filled with coyotes...
and bald eagles, and I'm tired of shaky, cell phone pictures.  
I decided to throw caution to the wind, and bring the Nikon.  I knew that doing so would probably guarantee that we wouldn't see any wildlife, but I figured at the very least, Carol and I could take photos of one another.
The early parts of the trail were an icky, squishy, un-photogenic mess.
but we were able to ride around the worst bits....
and the ground was much drier up top. 
These are the trees where we usually see the eagle.  Not today, though! 
And this is area where the coyotes like to hang out.  Again, not today! 
We did see a several hawks, or perhaps the same hawk several times.  It's not as exciting as a bald eagle, but it's definitely better than nothing.
This was a good end to a long week.  Hopefully, next week will bring continued good health and productivity!


  1. Thank you for sharing! I can almost smell the mud. Too bad you didn't see any coyotes -- that was a great picture. Maybe next time.

  2. Nice shot of the hawk! A bald eagle was flying around when I was driving to school this morning. They always appear when I don't have my camera with me. Figures!

  3. I hadn't seen a bald eagle in the wild since I was in my early twenties, but since the first week of December, I've seen seven of them. Seven!

    Five were in the open space near the barn, one flew over head when I was visiting Fabian and Cisco, and the last two were spotted in the sky over my house. Crazy! It's like they're everywhere now, and yet, the only photo I've managed is that bad cellphone picture.

    Oh well, maybe next time!


  4. My boyfriend and I visited friends in Washington state this past 4th of July. Their family has an awesome vacation home on the San Juan Islands. There were tons of bald eagles around there.

    I have never felt so American as I did sitting eating hamburgers and hot dogs, watching two bald eagles fight in their backyard on the 4th of July. Haha.

    They are gorgeous birds, and I know we have a few in this area especially down near the Potomac, but I've not seen one in the wild here before.

  5. So wait...stupid you seriously ride with an SLR? How does that work?

  6. Glad you got to ride... and bring your good camera. That hawk photo is lovely, bald eagle or not!

  7. Would you mind taking a look at my blog? There's only one post but tomorrow I have another one coming.

  8. Mystyc looks a bit like a Maureen Love Arabian in that first photo!