Thursday, February 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday

One of the perks of working in a mobile tack shop was always having a front row seat for the Grand Prix on Sunday.  The pictures in today's bonus post were taken during the Grand Prixes at 1994 HITS Ocala Winter Circuit.

As a long time show jumping fan girl, I was most excited by the combination of Rodney Jenkins and Equador. 
The famed "Red Rider" had retired from the show ring several years before, so it was a rare and unexpected treat to see him in action.
Not surprisingly, I took lots and lots of photos.
I also met Rodney briefly, but I was too shy to say anything.  All I could think was "OMG, I'm standing next to Rodney Jenkins!"
I also took a lot of pictures of Vicky Miller's little black horse, Pilot Point.
This combination was so exciting to watch.   
Pilot Point was a very unorthodox jumper, and he was fast.  He was always a threat to win when he left the jumps up.
Vicky's other horse, Catch a Wave, was almost as exciting.  He is shown here with her sister, Penny Miller in the irons.
Some of the other horses and riders that caught my eye and camera lens included Chuck Waters and Gold Card,
(even before I was making tack, I always took pictures of tack!) 
Nancy McClure and Mafito,
Mickey McDonald and Prime Suspect,
Canada's Hugh Graham and Pan Am B,
and Ireland's Kevin Babington and Tornado.  This horse went on to be the 1994 National Grand Prix League Horse of the Year.
It's really fun for me to get out all these old pictures and take a walk down memory lane.  Hope you enjoyed them, too!


  1. I remember seeing Rodney Jenkins ride Idle Dice at a jumping show in Portsmouth, RI when I was a kid. I was excited to see him competing along with other top riders. Okay, now I dated myself.

  2. Great photos. I don't recognize any of those names. hahaha. What amazes me most is that while they're all wearing helmets, none of them are strapped on. Eeek. hahaha.

  3. The good old days--ha ha. The Lexington V425 was our best selling helmet and it did NOT have a harness!

  4. The Chronicle of the Horse has a quarterly called Untacked, and in the most recent they had an article about tack and riding clothes each decade since 1940. I thought of you. and your recent blog posts about your time on the circuit as some of the pictures were taken on it, too. :)

  5. Would you by any chance have more photos of Pan Am B? I had the fortune of leasing her for a year and kept track of her after...She recently passed away and I know her owners would LOVE to have photos of her in action. They tried several years ago to get in touch with Harold Chopping, who took her to the World Cup Final in 93 or so but he never got back to them.

    1. Hi Meg, I just checked through my files and I couldn't find any more pictures of Pan Am B. She wasn't a horse I remember seeing very often. This HITS circuit was probably the only time our paths crossed. Sorry!