Saturday, February 8, 2014

Living vicariously

The Sleigh Rally Model Show, which was held today in Columbus, Wisconsin, tops my list of live shows I'd like to attend someday.  Here's why:
Believe it or not, that's the view from the show hall! 
Honestly, I don't know how people can concentrate on the show with this...
and this... 
and these running around outside. 
Awww.  Look at those little hearts!
And check out the bells on this guy. 
Danielle's sleigh harness needs some of these! 
The view inside the show hall isn't half bad either.
This is Tiffany's "enhanced presentation set" winning the harness class. 
It was worn by Tiffany's newest performance horse, Cajun Caress.  I absolutely adore this horse's mane! 
Sigh.  Someday I really am going to make it to this show, but until then, I'll continue to enjoy it vicariously through Tiffany!


  1. Oh how fun!!! That would be a great back drop for a show!! However I agree, a bit distracting. We had a show in NH at the Salem NH harness track (Rockingham) for a couple of years and it was great watching the horses go by. The show was held the same time as the Belmont so after the show we all went upstairs to the betting area and watched the race. That was cool!

  2. Fjord in a harness? Yes please! So cute!

  3. Oh my! I've never seen a western side saddle! is there any other pictures of the other side? It looks beautiful from this side.

  4. Love the sleighbells in the third picture! :D

  5. Sleigh Rally was a lot of fun this year. You really should try and attend sometime. Was Tiffany proxy showing a couple of your horses, by chance? There were a few faces that looked familiar.

  6. I think I would have probably abandoned the show the second the fjord and haflinger passed by! Fluffy ponies are my weakness :)