Monday, February 24, 2014

The Monday horses

The Monday Horses by Jean Slaughter Doty was--and still is--one of my all-time favorite pony books.
After her horse suffers an injury on the trail, Cassie becomes a working student at a top hunter barn.  Although much of the book is focused on the ups and downs of showing, the title refers to the quiet times between the shows, when horse care, rather than riding, takes center stage.
When I lived on the show circuit, Mondays were usually my only non-horsey days.  Occasionally, I'd go to the showgrounds to hack one or both of Judy's hunters, but more often than not, I'd use the day to rest, recuperate and explore whatever city I happened to be in.  During the 1994 HITS Ocala Winter Circuit, however, my off-days were filled with horsey field trips to some of the areas most impressive breeding farms.
My friend, Cathy, arranged these outings, so it's no surprised that Rohara Arabians was our most frequent stop.  
Cathy's mare, Tsouri, was staying there part time while she was being bred to one of the farm's many stallions.
We'd stop in and visit her first, then work our way around Rohara's one hundred and twenty five acres. 
 This pretty stallion is Rohara Samurai.  He was a great favorite of Cathy's.
The most famous horse on the premises was Ivanhoe Tsultan
Ivanhoe Tsultan was one of the first Arabian stallions to sire over one hundred champions, with national winners in halter and EVERY major performance division, including dressage and racing.  He is also, incidentally, the sire of Cathy's Tsouri.
Another stop on our tour of Florida's horse country was Silverleaf Farm in Orange Lake. 
This six hundred and thirty five acre facility was home to several good Throughbred stallions. 
Sadly, I can't remember this one's name... 
but this is Mr. Frisky
Mr Frisky was the Puerto Rican phenom who entered the 1990 Kentucky Derby with an unprecedented record of sixteen straight wins. He finished eighth in the Derby and third in the Preakness. 
Shortly after the Prreakness, he was diagnosed with a life threatening illness.  He recovered and eventually returned to the track, but never matched his early brilliance.
We also spent a Monday visiting Quarter Horses at Bo-Bett Farm in Reddick, Florida.
However, that day was so incredibly awesome it deserves a post of its own!


  1. Cathy definitely did like going to Rohara, that's for sure. Did she tell you that when she came here to Arizona to visit me we got to help put up their show barn during Scottsdale Week? And I got to meet the (in)famous John Rannenberg. hahaha.

  2. I think I need to read that book! Sounds right up my ally.

    1. I can't believe you haven't read this one, Lauren. It's one of the classics in hunter/jumper fiction!

  3. I would just love to browse through your photo library one day. You take such great shots - I know I would come out with so many sculptural muses!

  4. Jean Slaughter Doty, ah I remember (and love) her books. my first ever one from her was Summer pony. I still cherish that tattered book, with the faded cover. By the way, Rugged Lark is just so stunning!

  5. Oh I love that book, I still have my copy. Also summer pony/winter pony set and another one... Yesterday's Horses I think its called.

  6. I loved The Monday Horses and got the book on after I left the original copy in another country 30 yeas ago. I always envied people who could be around horses since it just didn't and wouldn't happen for me, but the books can make it somewhat real