Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dance like an Egyptian

Nearly seven years ago, I ordered an Egyptian Dancing Horse costume from Melissa Sage.
At the time, Ibn Sabeek was my only Arabian resin, so naturally I had her make it to fit him. 
Rune joined my herd a couple years later, and I knew right away that I wanted him--not Ibn Sabeek--to be my Egyptian Dancing Horse
Unfortunately, Rune's head is much bigger than Sabeek's.  The costume bridle didn't even come close to fitting him. 
Since I am a tackmaker, this shouldn't be an insurmountable problem.  However, my horses are often treated like the proverbial shoemaker's barefoot children.  Years passed, and Nutmeg was the only Braymere critter who got to wear the costume.
No more!
I was feeling a bit stuck this weekend, and needed an easy project to get me back on track.  I decided to tackle some of the older projects on my to do list, starting with the Egyptian Dancing Horse bridle. 
I was able to reuse the original browband, although I did add a liner. 
The bit is a jewelry finding that pre-dates the costume.  So glad to see it in use! 
Here's the full set both without... 
and with the rider.
In true "if you give a moose a donut" fashion, I still plan to add a few things to this set.  However, for the most part, it's ready to go.
Rune will make his performance debut at Springamathing 2014.  I can't wait!


  1. Rune's the type of horse that would look fabulous in anything! That blue is definitely his color.

    (And here I thought you needed a 'downtime' break, Ah, silly me...)
    : )

  2. Oh, I love it!! The blue is just smashing on a bay. And that rider is terrific - what a face!

    I'm curious as to why you added a noseband to the new bridle, as I noticed the earlier edition doesn't have one . Just liked it better?

    1. Before I started the new bridle, I did a Google search for Egyptian Dancing Horse tack. Good, clear photos are hard to find, but the vast majority showed a decorated bridle with a plain noseband. Since this kind of included noseband also holds the bit in place, I was happy to add it to the bridle.

      I also changed the bit from a snaffle to a curb based on that Google search. The snaffle was fine, but I like it better with the new bit.


  3. Absolutely stunning! That shade of bay is really something else and the blue sets it off wonderfully!
    Love the jewellery finding for the bit too - it looks like it was made for that kind of tack!

  4. Just thought I'd comment about the various styles of dancing horse bridles. One style seen is a snaffle bridle with no noseband which is worn alone, or with a halter underneath that has an attached decorative chain noseband, either with or without charms. Another style seen is a bridle such as Jennifer made, with a leather noseband. Still another seen is a bridle with attached decorative chain noseband which is not functional. Hope this helps to clarify.
    Your bridle turned out really nice Jennifer!

    1. Excellent! Thanks so much for the additional info. I'm not surprised that I was most attracted the style with the most leather. :)

      If you'd ever like to write a guest post about Arabian costumes, Dee, I'd be delighted to publish it.

  5. Those head shots of Rune are stunning. He's so very lifelike I expect to hear him snort. Or shake his head to readjust the bridle.