Thursday, February 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday

In the last few days, my Facebook feed has been filled with ski-joring.

First there was a video clip of the American version of the sport, accompanied by the completely ridiculous suggestion that I add this to my repertoire.  

Then there was this photo, which was captioned: Did you know in 1928 the Winter Olympics had a sport called Horse Skijoring? It is no longer part of the winter games; however, it does look fun!
I'd never heard that particular bit of Olympic trivia, so I did a little research and discovered that ski-joring was, in fact, an exhibition sport at the 1928 Games in St Moritz, Switzerland. The race was held on a frozen lake and the top prizes were swept by the Swiss, although no medals were awarded.
I have some personal history with the European version of ski-joring.  Back in 2004, I made a ski-joring set for my friend, Sandy.  She took it to NAN and showed it to two National titles--a Champion in OF Games and a Reserve Champion in CM/AR Games.  
Not surprisingly, I was really proud of those victories. So proud, in fact, that I decided to make another ski-joring set for myself. Unfortunately, like so many projects of that era, I never actually got around to finishing it. For the last ten years, my ski-joring set has been living inside a plastic baggie in my old tack chest.
Until today... 
I didn't know what to expect when I opened the bag, but this was a nice surprise. 
My older work was a bit hit or miss, but there's nothing wrong with this surcingle. I am particularly impressed with all the machine sewing. I'm not a great seamstress, but you wouldn't know that by looking at this. 
The breastplate isn't as good. The handmade buckles don't fit the strap precisely, and those keepers are much bulkier than the ones I make now. Still, it's not too bad, and I do like the red leather lining. 
Of course, I wasn't content to just look at the set. I chose an appropriately vintage resin and tacked him up!
Although I really need to finish prepping Rev and Moose and get back to work on Margaret's bridle, I'm extremely tempted to whip out a ski-joring bridle. After ten long years, it's high time I finished this set!


  1. Makes you pretty things!
    Where do you buy these mini stirrups?

    1. Most mini hardware is from:

      Jennifer does do BEAUTIFUL work doesn't she :-)

    2. Thanks for the compliments. I do buy a lot of supplies from Rio Rondo, but most of my stirrups come from the World of Model Horse Collecting.

  2. I think ski-joring would be a GREAT setup for you, and you're already 3/4 of the way there! I like it with that resin better than I do the model that won at NAN (I recognize that mold but can't think of who it is... Cigar?).

    I have sharpened my eagle eye now and yes, I caught the name of one of the models that you wrote on that index card. Gee, I wonder how you thought of "SeaTrain?" ;) I hope he was a jumper!

  3. P.S. I want to see him, and I bet you have a Too Bold and Easy Go, too!

  4. I knew you'd notice that!

    SeaTrain was an OF who has long since left for greener pastures. However, there are plans for a new, better SeaTrain. Too Bold, Easy Go and McArthur Park, too!


  5. My first time skijoring was at a stable I worked at as a kid. We saddled up King, a sooty dun QH/Percheron cross, I put on skis, we braided a rope out of twine looped over the saddle horn which is what I held onto then headed out to the pasture. After a few false starts (nothing like water skiing which I did) it was great until I started getting out too far to his side and he caught sight of me flying along! LOL. Good thing I could just let go of the rope but not before a nice face plant in the snow :).