Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Whip smart

Performance showing is all about slavish attention to detail, and one of the details I couldn't help but notice as I was researching Egyptian Dancing Horses was the abundance of long dressage whips.  They were present in nearly every photo I found, so I decided my entry should include one as well.  

Here it is.
The whip is made from waxed linen thread braided over a wire core.  The handle is leather with a silver tip.  Its slim size fits nicely into the rider's hand.
The almost finished set.
I've got one more thing I want to add to Rune's EDH entry before it makes its debut on the show table.  Unfortunately, duty calls.  I've played with this long enough, and it's time to get back to work.


  1. Rune is so cute! This is a great set and hopefully you win ribbons

  2. Wow! Yours look much better than mine. Could you maybe do a tutorial, I would love to learn how to get that woven/braided look.

  3. There really isn't anything too complicated about making a whip like this. The body of the whip is a four strand braid over wire. Not sure which gauge I used, but it's smaller than 16 and larger than 24. The handle is a wrapped with a piece of skiver and the lash is braided waxed linen thread.

    Something you can't see in pictures is this actually *feels* like a whip when you hold it in your hand. I really like it when my creations feel as good as they look, so I'm pleased with this one!