Sunday, February 23, 2014

Place your bids

I am excited to announce that the auction for the tooled English saddle is now live and open for bidding!
This unique saddle is a collaboration between Erin Corbett and myself.  It's the first of a small edition, and quite possibly, the only tooled saddle by us that will be offered to the public.
In addition to Erin's incredible tooling...
this saddle is made with all my usual attention to detail, and will fit both your horses...
and riders well. 
Although an non-traditional choice for the hunter ring, this saddle is legal for all types of English/huntseat competition, and looks surprisingly conventional when used with a doll.
Please visit My Auction Barn for all the details and good luck and thank you to everyone who bids!


  1. From someone who never thought she would like a tooled English saddle, I have to say that turned out beautiful!

    Good Luck to you and Erin on your auction.

  2. I really didn't think I would like the final result this much either. Now I can't wait to make the one I get to keep!


  3. Lol! I saw the note you made for Tiffany!

  4. My favorite part of the auction is this: Tiffany Purdy, you are not allowed to bid, on order of Mrs. Buxton. Sorry, my hands are tied! :-) ahahah

  5. The original plan specified four tooled English saddles: One for me, one for Erin, one for sale and one for Tiffany. She may think she "needs" two of them, but she does not. Therefore, she's not allowed to bid!

  6. That is so neat! i have never seen any english saddle like that before!