Saturday, March 9, 2013

Snow expo

I had planned to attend the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo at the National Western Stock Show Complex in Denver, Colorado today.  Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate.  It was snowing when I woke up, and the forecast predicted near blizzard conditions throughout the day.  I thought about going anyway, but in the end, I decided it was better to be safe than sorry.

However, that didn't stop me from dragging Ryan to the barn for a short pony visit.
Not surprisingly, the barn was deserted except for the horses.  Rev seemed quite surprised to see us.
He was even more surprised that we came bearing Peeps.
A couple weeks back, I'd read Andrea's post about Matt's Peep addiction.  Ever since, I've been curious to see if Rev shared the cowpony's fondness for marshmallow and sugar.
Come on, horse. You know you want it.
Or not.
We tried and tried, but Rev wanted no part of this silliness.  All we had to show for our efforts was a sprinkle of pink sugar on Rev's nose...
and a mangled Peep on the muddy ground. 
Maybe next time we'll bring jelly beans...


  1. I know.. the snow changes plans. But, great for me, the snow gave me an excuse to stay inside and take photos of my horses for the MEPSA April Performance show (novice). I went to dover saddlery this morning and bought GG Vanlentine and Heartbreaker, a model horse saddle, and flowers for a trail class. Fun!

  2. I just threw out the ones we got for Christmas that no one touched. Flick does not need more preservatives in his life although, knowing him, he would have at least tried them.

  3. Matt The Cowpony is HORRIFIED at this unappreciation and desecration of the peeps!!! HORRIFIED!

  4. LOVE Peeps!! =) Though Matt the Cowpony isn't the only horse to like these guys. I used to ride and ex-show Morgan who's fav treat was marshmellows. He always got one after our lesson and he'd hear that bag move in my stuff and park himself out and puff himself up waiting for it. That's what they used in the line up with him. =)

  5. Who doesn't like Peeps?! Come on Rev!

  6. I was really surprised that he wouldn't eat them. Rev is an old show horse, so I figured he'd have a taste for all kinds of human goodies.

    P.S. His neighbor, Texas Ranger, didn't like them either!

  7. Wow!, I never knew horses liked peeps! (maybe I'll go by some and shove them in my horses faces next time I see them! lol )

  8. Try Rice Krispies; both of my horses go nuts over them, even my old mare who isn't much of a treat monger.

  9. The white-faced pony in the background looks keen for a Peep though!

  10. OMG! My horse loves Peeps! I did NOT teach him about Peeps....some long ago co-boarders thought it would be fun to let my horse experience Peeps (their horses loved them) and surprisingly he enjoys them. He makes all kinds of faces while eating them, depending on whether they are fresh or hard & stale. LOL!

  11. Silly Picky Pony... My dog would cheerfully eat the one he dropped on the ground. :-)

    1. Darcy would do backflips for the one that fell on the ground. She's funny like that.