Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Post weekend show report

One of this country's biggest and best live shows, Lone Star Live, was held last weekend at the Will Rogers Exposition Center in Fort Worth, Texas.  My friend and fellow tackmaker, Vicky Norris, was in attendance, and she sends this report.
 Saturday was Custom/Artist Resin Performance day, and Vicky's newest performance horse, Glenda, was a big star.
Glenda is a Sarah Rose Miss America resin who was customized by Lyn Norbury and painted by Myla Pearce.   
Helped in part by a pair of BCS saddles, she was Other Performance Champion, English Performance Champion and Overall Custom/Artist Resin Performance Champion. 
Most people would have been content to show just the one horse, but not Vicky. 
She also showed Big Valley Casino Gold to several good placings.  This horse is a Sarah Rose Lone Star resin painted by Sue Kern. 
Like Glenda, Casino Gold's wardrobe included a few pieces of BCS tack, including this sawbuck pack set.
Although I did not have a part in this next two entries, they're too nice not to share.  This is Vicky's Max resin, Alano, who was painted by Erika Ipes.  He is shown in a tack set made by Vicky herself.  Lovely work, Vicky, and definitely rosette worthy!
Just as impressive is Genizen and his Cary Nelson Native American Costume.  Denizen is a Sheila Bishop Brio Sambra resin painted by Tiffany Purdy.  
The Original Finish Performance classes were held on Sunday, and once again, Vicky showed multiple horses.  This one is Christmas Waltz, and he is shown wearing a BCS saddleseat saddle.
Vicky's main horse this day was Gilded Knight, a Peter Stone Design a Horse Thoroughbred.
Dressed in a BCS huntseat saddle, 
 he was named Champion of the English Division... 
and went on to be the Overall Champion of the English Performance Division. 
That's two Overall Championships in two days...  What an amazing performance, Vicky.  Congratulations and thank you for sharing your victories with all of us!


  1. Wow! my favorite horse of all of the ones that you posted today is the Alano painted by Ericka Ipeses. I want that horse! Vicky is lucky to have so much BCS tack. I am envious....

  2. Thanks Jennifer!
    I love using your tack. So easy on and off. I'd say which bridles you made.....but I don't remember..... I just have 10 or 11 brown English snaffle bridles....lol
    The Gaucho saddle has been in the works for 2 years. It languished in a baggy because I could not find silver to do the bridle like I wanted, so finally gave up and made it from leather and silver beads, because I just knew Maxixe needed it. I didn't want to say anything when you made Kellye's lovely set....