Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Stock Show 2013

My mom will probably have a cow when she reads this...
 but I went to the National Western Stock Show today!
I started my viewing at the Coliseum, 
where I watched the Ranch Trail... 
and the Ranch Riding classes that were part of the AQHA Versatility Ranch Horse competiton. 
Once those were pinned, I headed over to the Events Center which was filled with approximately one million Western Pleasure horses. 
While they warmed up, I walked around and looked at a few vendor booths.  Can you believe there was someone selling Gaucho saddles? 
Oh, if only I had seen this before I made Kellye's Criollo set...  
I even got to sit on one, but unfortunately there is no photographic proof!
Eventually, the horses and riders finished their warm-up, and I settled in to watch about half a million Western Pleasure classes.
While doing so, I discovered a brand new obsession... 
Hunter braided Western Pleasure horses!
I could have happily stayed all day, but I didn't want to overdo it.  And for the record, I don't think I did.  I feel healthier right now than I have in days.  Hurray for the Stock Show!


  1. Waa hoo for the hunter braided western pleasure pics OMG I can make western tack for so many of my ponies ! ~ Rach

  2. I'm surprised they have them braided at the Stock Show - isn't that supposed to be a larger venue? It is common practice to band/braid your horse to whatever he is most suited for at a smaller all day show if you are doing all around events. For example, my gelding although able to do hunter under saddle is much more western thus, I band and leave him banded all day even through the english classes at a smaller show. I'm surprised the exhibitors didn't reband/rebraid between classes - interesting find!

  3. This was the Open Show and there were a bunch of different mane styles showing in the ring together--long loose, short loose, banded, braided, roached and running braid. I tried my best to document each, but the light in that ring is tricky. If enough pictures turn out well, expect a full "Western Pleasure hair" post.

    Of course, hunter girl that I am, I'm partial to the braids. Seriously, those braided WP horses looked AWESOME!

  4. hmm, with photographic proof in hand I could show my old (beat up) braided Breyer Strapless in western classes. Just to shake things up :)

  5. I think it is just awesome to see LEVEL heads and not peanut rollers!!!!
    Awesome photos as always Jennifer!

  6. Oh, boy... I am not able to last through a SINGLE Western (Dis)Pleasure class, so I dunno how you survived half a million! ;-) Regardless, I will look forward to your WP hair post. Glad you had fun and are feeling better!

  7. huh, I always thought they showed loose or banded, I've never seen them plaited before, but that means I can show my strapless in western once I get her plaits back on haha. Thanks for the post