Friday, January 25, 2013

Kellye's Criollo set revisited

I like all my customers, but I especially appreciate those who send pictures like these!
This is the Criollo set I made earlier in the month for Kellye Bussey. 
It is shown on her  Morgen Kilbourne Maxixe resin, which was painted by Sheila Bishop.  The gaucho doll was created by Joan Yount.
It's extremely satisfying to see my work displayed so well.  Thank you so much, Kellye, for once again making my work look better than it is!


  1. Thanks to you I have started making tack for my breyers and I making a figure 8 bridle tomorrow for my friend and she may show it at our 4h model horse show next month you really inspired me.

  2. The set is gorgeous Jennifer - I just wanted my pictures to do it justice! I especially love how the bridle shows off Maxixe's pretty face.

  3. I'm so glad you're pleased, Kellye. The pictures are great. The tack colors look really nice on that particular horse.


    P.S. to Anonymous--thanks for the kind words. I'm always happy to help new tackmakers!

  4. You've influenced me forever on the future color of my Maxixe. And probably on his tack too.

  5. man that saddle looks comfy haha

  6. Still trolling your blog, and I have to say that Kellye's scenes are really incredible!