Sunday, January 13, 2013


The weathermen got it right--this weekend has been really cold.

Because I am not a fan of subfreezing temperatures, I didn't leave the house at all yesterday.  Instead I holed up in my studio where it's nice and warm and kept myself busy with Tiffany's bridle and Rev's ancestors.  It was a good way to spend the day.

I would have happily stayed home again today, but the kids informed me in no uncertain terms that we were having a rat food emergency.  

"Rats are scavengers," I told them.  "Surely they can survive on vegetables, dog food and cereal for one day."

But the kids were having none of it.  "You need to buy rat food," they insisted.

So Seth and I headed out to Petco and we came home with rat food... and a brand new rat!
This is Jellybean.  She was in the adoptable animal section, having been relinquished by an owner who could no longer provide for her.  
We hadn't planned to buy a rat today, but Jellybean was just too cute and friendly and curious to resist.
Of course the kids are delighted with the new addition.  In fact, I think they'll be inventing future rat food emergencies in hopes of a repeat performance!
Jellybean is still settling in so it's a bit too early to start her saddle training.  However, I have to admit that I'm already dreaming of rat dressage pas de deux and rat drill team and rat fox hunting and....


  1. What an awesome story!! Lucky Jellybean! She couldn't have found a better home. Make me miss my Rosemary rat. :)

    Thanks for sharing the sweet story and wonderful photos!

  2. Awesome! Lucky Jellybean!

    Just an FYI, the rat I helped, Lester, never got rat food, he liked a wheat cracker slathered with peanut butter and packed with frozen vegetables. But then he had a stroke, too, so maybe something was missing from this diet..

  3. My college rat, Lexie, did just fine on fruit, vegetables, grain from the barn, and just a little bit of store bought rat food. I don't know why my kids are convinced our girls will DIE if we feed them an alternative diet for a day or two. Usually I find that very annoying, but today it worked out for the best!


  4. Oh shes beautiful. I adore my housemates 4 girls. Also on rat food from what Ive been told the mixes are not so great as rats tend to pick out what they like and may not get the nutrients they need. My housemate buys the Harlan lab blocks from of course the girls also get fruits and veggies and meat sometimes as well as bits off our plates. They are spoiled little girls. :)

  5. Jellybean hit the rat lottery!

  6. Good heavens these posts make me miss my ratties! They're a pet like no other, that's for sure. And my 6 rats lived for a good week on cereal, Wheat Thins, dried fruit, and dog food. They were never happier!

  7. Rat dressage, now there's an idea!