Monday, January 28, 2013

Work/life balance

It's not supposed to be this warm in January, at least not if you live in Denver.  The last week has been a series of warm, sunny days, and I've spent nearly every one of them in the saddle.
Fortunately, because Rev lives so close to me, this hasn't been a schedule buster.  Progress in the studio is slow, but it's certainly not nonexistent.  Those two saddles I started last week are coming along nicely, and I expect I'll have them finished tomorrow.
The one thing I haven't had much time for is blogging.  Never fear, however--this nice weather can't last forever.  In fact, it looks as if there are a few snowflakes falling even as I type this!


  1. Only a couple of more weeks, then I can be up on him too :) Can't wait.

  2. That will be really good. He's definitely a horse who likes work, and I think the more he gets, the happier he'll be!

    P.S. He was really, really good today!

  3. Enjoy that time in the saddle! You can always blog when the weather is yucky. :) So happy you and Rev have each other and you are so close to him! He looks like so much fun!

  4. I love "from the saddle" type photos. Makes me think I'm the one riding. The Phoenix area has been having bizarre weather, too: a week of record low temperatures followed by a week of record highs for this time of year. Now we're back to below normal temps, but it's going to warm up towards the weekend. Ugh!