Saturday, January 12, 2013

Researching Rev

If you're like me and have a passion for riding and ponies and horses, now that you know what the Crumb looked like, you'll probably want to know where he came from and how I came to have him.  It's sort of like seeing a horse van or trailer go by--I always ache to stop it and look inside and find out whose horses they are and where they're going, and certainly where they came from...

This passage from the first chapter of Jean Slaughter Doty's The Crumb has always resonated with me.  Like Cindy, I am endlessly fascinated with the horses in my life.  I want to know all their details--where they were bred, who they've belonged to and what they've done.  In the old days, this information was often impossible to gather.
Now, of course, we have the internet.  With just a few keystrokes, I've discovered a wealth of information about my new best bud, Rev.  An old sale ad on describes him this way: Gorgeous, Flashy Registered Arabian Gelding. Champion/Regional Titles in Hunter Pleasure, Country English Pleasure, English Pleasure. Fantastic Endurance or Dressage horse. "Ralphie" never takes a day off! Willing and kind, really eager to please and protect his rider. Very safe, perfect ground manners, great personality. Wonderful with other horses, especially youngsters. Easily worth 4x what we're asking! $1000 OBO. 
It also included several photos of him in his summer coat,
and, best of all, his full pedigree.
I used that information to find pictures of his sire...
Regal Basque
(La Basque x Gay Gazelle)1998 

U.S. National Top Ten Pleasure Driving AAOTD
1995 Canadian National Reserve Champion English Pleasure AAOTR 40 & Over
1994 Canadian National Champion English Pleasure JOTR 14-17
1994 Canadian National Top Ten Park AOTR
1994 Canadian National Top Ten English Pleasure JTR 17 & Under
1994 Youth National Top Ten English Pleasure JOTR & JTR 17 & Under
1993 Canadian National Top Ten English Pleasure JOTR 14-17
1993 Youth National Top Ten English Pleasure JOTR 14-17
1987 U.S. National Top Ten English Pleasure AAOTR

Regal Basque
and two of his half siblings.
Ames Encounter
(Brass x CR Berry Brandy)

1998 Bay Arabian Stallion
2012 Youth National Top Tens in Country English Pleasure 13 & Under, Show Hack 14-17, and Show Hack 13 & Under and Region Top Five in Show Hack ATR
2011 US National Top Ten in Ladies English Sidesaddle, Youth National Top Ten Show Hack 17 & Under, Regional Champion Show Hack AOTR and Top Fives CEP ATR and Show Hack ATR
Oscar de la Renta
(DS Major Afire x CR Berry Brandy) 
2006 PB bay gelding. Scottsdale Signature Stallion 2010 Res Champion English Pl Futurity and 2011 Top Ten English Pl Maturity ATR.
It's not a complete history by any means, but it's definitely a start.  Now if I could just track down some old show photos, wouldn't that be wonderful?


  1. With the help of some old stud books, I researched Flick's Arab relatives back to desert bred. I also have done a little bit on his dad's side - which was slightly better than his mom's side. Even found some old photos of some of them too!

    I also contacted the last owner's of his sire to find out that he passed away the same year Flick was born from a heart attack, at 10 IRRC.

    But the rest of the history needs no research - I've ridden his mom, I've ridden his half brother, I have baby photos... all that fun stuff.

    I wish you LOTS of luck finding photos and what not - those are *so* much fun to find!

  2. You’re both very lucky!

    When I was trying to research my Scheherazade's ancestry (3/4 Arab cross) back in the pre-internet 70's & 80's all I got was stone-walled. I wrote countless letters and spent many hours trying to track down ANYONE who could provide ANY information about her. When I finally got a phone number and called her original owner, the girl ‘couldn't remember’ owning my mare and thought maybe ‘a friend had owned her’… wha, huh?!?

    But here’s where the story became even stranger. On one of the old Coggins tests, in among the paperwork I was given when I purchased Schere, was a peculiar number in an unusual spot that had people scratching their heads. It was theorized that she had been removed from an abusive situation (by the SPCA or an animal rescue group) sometime earlier. Kinda makes sense that the original owner would have developed amnesia about her. If I had known the whole story I could have explained that I wasn’t trying to dredge up that past history, just what her lineage was.

    Schere was three when I bought her and she lived to the ripe old age of 36, but I always felt I let her down that I could never track down her formal history.

  3. SO cool! I love horse history. Finding photos of horse sires, dams and relatives is even better!

    Oh goodness. I remember reading The Crumb! I could never get over Crumb getting electrocuted all because she moved him for the jumper...that part horrified me, thinking if that happened to my pony I would surely die!

  4. The Crumb has to be the most depressing horse book I ever loved. I don't know why, but I read that one over and over and over and I cried every single time I got to the part where Crumb died! Sheesh!

  5. My baby is a great horse! The best horse I every had. I'm glad you are looking into his background.

  6. He IS a good little horse. I really couldn't see it at first because he was so out of shape and so wound up from having been out of work. However, now that I know him better, I am beginning to appreciate just how nice he is. He's much better trained than I'd initially thought, and his personality is pretty awesome. I feel so fortunate to have found him (and YOU, Isabell!).