Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Almost wordless Wednesday

I love parades, but I especially love rodeo parades because nearly every entry includes a horse or two (or twenty!).  Here are some of my favorite horses from this year's National Western Stock Show parade which was held last Thursday in downtown Denver, Colorado.  Enjoy!


  1. Wow, those parade saddle are amazing!

  2. Pretty horsies. I like the Medicine Hat Pinto in the first shot.

    However, I am positively cringing at all the un-helmeted heads, hovering 12' above pavement, no less. Especially the mother and CHILD at the end... ugh. :-( All it would take is a good spook and presto, instant tragedy.

    The parade saddles ARE really cool, I agree!

  3. Although I do wear my helmet religiously now, I'm not a helmet zealot in regards to other people. However, I have to admit that even I questioned the wisdom of letting a kid ride behind the saddle on the streets of downtown Denver. That picture was taken during the post-parade, and let me tell you--the cars were not being respectful of the horses AT ALL. The police were doing their best to keep things orderly, but the car/horse traffic at some of the intersections was fairly hair raising!

  4. I used to be lax about helmets, until I was in an accident that would have killed me if I hadn't been wearing one. I won't preach to adults: if they prefer to become a vegetable or get killed, so be it. To allow a child to ride helmetless, though, is ludicrous.