Monday, January 7, 2013

Cover up

I mentioned this before, but it bears repeating:  After spending so many hours on Kellye's Criollo saddle, I really, really did not want to cover all my hard work with a fleece pad.
The only way I could come to terms with the situation was to somehow create a pad worthy of the saddle.  Since I don't generally consider pads to be very interesting, this required a lot of thinking... and a lot of paper patterns!
Finally, I came up with a design that made me happy.  No mere square, it contained darts and seems that gave the pad its own saddle-like shape.
As good as it looked on the work desk, the real moment of truth came when I put it on the saddle, ran the strings though the slots, 
tied the pad into place, 
and cinched down the overgirth. 
You know, as much as I wanted that seat to show--this is pretty good, too!


  1. Wow! Beautiful! The white of the fleece pad really does show off the details of the overgirth! :D

  2. I did a saddle similar to this in 2009, and it took FOREVER. You are to be congratulated for relative speed! Seeing this set makes me reconsider how hard Portuguese/Criollos are... It looks really comfy to sit in.

  3. It's BEE-U-T-FUL! Did you happen to take a pic of the whole set on Maxixe? It will look wonderful on him!

  4. Pictures of the finished set will be posted tomorrow. I thought I might squeeze them in tonight, but I am just too tired!

  5. On a cold winter's day that'd be amazing to sit on! XD

  6. Oh man, I didn't realize it would cover up ALL of it. Still, it's a very very attractive pad :)

  7. That pad turned out lovely! Contouring it and shaping it to the saddle made a huge difference (along with the awesome material you used!). So often these kind of pads look out of scale and like an afterthought.