Thursday, January 17, 2013

Backlog begone

It's a January thing.
Every year about this time I am absolutely convinced that I am on the verge of eliminating my backlog. 
History indicates this is probably a bit optimistic. 
Still, I really do think this might be the year. 
After all, I've already shipped three orders in the last two weeks, and now that Anne's jumper boots and gigantic mule bridle are done...
I'll be shipping another tomorrow!


  1. Should I remind you about an item? ;)

  2. That item is on the list. It's fairly far down the list because I'm missing hardware (blame Tiffany!) but it's on there. FYI, right now the list is standing at 10 orders: two big scaries, two big easies, five smalls, and one that sort of defies classification.

  3. Your jumping boots are GEORGOUS!

  4. I LOVE reading your blog and discovering I have new stuff coming soon!

  5. Those boots look great - you can do it!