Thursday, January 3, 2013

Square deal

Yesterday afternoon, Ryan wandered into my studio and asked me what I was making.  I showed him the second saddle base, and told him it was going to be a Criollo saddle.  He wasn't impressed.  In fact, I think his exact words were: "So basically you've spent the whole day making a leather square?"


Fortunately, today's studio marathon has transformed that square into something resembling a saddle.
Both Ryan and I like the top view best.  It's too bad that all those nice details will be covered with a sheepskin pad.
As always, the pictures make it look more "finished" than it really is.  There's still a long way to go with this one, but it's awfully nice to have something tangible to show for all my studio time.  Even the most cynical almost-teenager is unlikely to refer to this saddle as a simple leather square!


  1. It looks awesome! Kellye will love it!

  2. Kellye *does* love it! lol I agree with Jennifer tho....too bad all those awesome details have to get covered up! I already have a Joan Young doll ready to ride as soon as he has a seat to sit in! :)

  3. Looks soo good!! I am just fascinated how you do those perfect looking pommel and cantle!!

  4. That is just stunning! So very stunning that even I (a non-performance shower) have a twinge of desire for something like that for my Max resin.

  5. Thanks, everyone. I am very pleased with the saddle so far. Glad you like it, too!

  6. LOL, from the mouths of babes indeed. XD