Monday, October 1, 2012

Puppy party

Four and a half months ago, I took care of my riding instructor's puppies while she was out of town.
This should have been a fairly uncomplicated assignment, but the little girl pup came into heat on the second day of her visit.  I tried my best to keep them separated, but obviously my best wasn't good enough.  Yesterday, I got to meet the happy results of my dog sitting failure.
Puppies on the floor equals Buxtons on the floor!
So cute! 
"Mama, are you sure we can't have one?"
Of course it wasn't long before I scooped a couple up...
and took them outside... 
for some glamour pictures! 
Is there anything better than a puppy party with all your riding pals?
Nope, I don't think there is!


  1. OMG!!! Adroable!! How could you resist not taking one home? I wonder who they will take after.....tall mom or short dad....
    I love my 2 baby is a delightful terror!

  2. Awwww so precious. You should totally get one. I have a wirehaired JRT and he is the best dog I've ever had. Always wants to be with you. He also bucks the OMG super hyper thing that everyone seems to associate with them. He's super mellow, until you want to play then turns into tornado of fun.

  3. I remember when my 11 and 12 year old Jack Russells were this small! Nothing is cuter than a JRT puppy!!! They really make wonderful pets and I'll always have one in my life at some point.

  4. OMG, my heart MELTED when I saw the puppy pictures!!!

    I couldn't imagine holding an adorable puppy for real and not keeping one...or two!!

  5. hehe, can you see something in the last photo...

  6. At just six weeks old, the pups are too young to leave their Mama. Even so, I wasn't all that tempted. We are beginning to look for a dog to replace Maggie, but we want a DOG this time, not a puppy. Plus, Jack Russells are a little small for my taste.

    Of course, that's not to say that these pups aren't completely adorable. I would have been happy to sit on the floor with them all day long!

  7. Darling little ones! A wonderful "oops!"

  8. So utterly sweeeet! My twin brother has JRT kennel and they are just such darlings. Little white chubby cuddly sausages of adventure and play. Ever so jealouse of that puppydate.

    However.. I'm a spay and neauter if not a breeding person. no happy acidents then and less stressful hormons hunting for mates allt he time. Gorgeous and oh so CUTE results of the oopsie tho!

  9. I got to hang out with a JRT pup for a few minutes this past weekend and yes, they sure are adorable! I'm sure this litter will have no trouble finding homes. If not with the Buxtons - I understand wanting a dog, because puppies sure are a LOT of trouble! Plus, you will be giving a needy dog a home and they're harder to find when you're not an darling bundle of baby dog.

    [Note: At first I was alarmed because I thought your riding instructor's pups were brother and sister (ugh), but I guess not given the height/coat disparity. They probably would be "okay" anyway, but you know!]

  10. Bea and Max were always intended to be a breeding pair so this was a timing oops rather than a genetic oops. Ideally, Bea would have had a little more time to grow up before being bred, but fortunately, she seems no worse for the wear. She has five big healthy puppies and has been a good mother to them. She's still bright and friendly and she's maintained her weight while nursing them. It all worked out fine


    BRW--I used to ride an Arabian mare who was the result of a father/daughter oops. Aside from being a little empty headed, there was nothing wrong with her. She had an impressive show record (mostly dressage) and stayed sound and healthy for nearly thirty years.