Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Almost new additions

I don't buy a lot of horses, so new additions tend to be greeted with a lot of fanfare.  Typically, this includes a dress up session and photo shoot, followed by the inevitable blog post.  Every now and then, however, a new horse slips in without the usual ballyhoo.  Today's post features two of those sneaky horses.

The first is Saba.  He was the judge's model at last May's Springamathing live show.  
I don't usually care for the Stone Arabian, but the color on this model is outstanding.  He's so lovely (and glossy!) that I just can't bring myself to sell him.
The other almost new addition also came from a Stone show.  I didn't attend the Rocky Mountain Rendezvous live show in September, but thanks to Teresa, two of my horses did.  One of those, my Mosaic, was named Overall Champion in the Collectability Division.  This was his prize.
I was a little underwhelmed when I saw this guy in pictures.  Fortunately, he's much prettier in person.  I especially like his subtle dapples. 
Like Saba, this was supposed to be a sale horse.  Like Saba, I just can't seem to let him go!
Since it looks as if he's going to be a keeper, I suppose I should name him.  Any suggestions?  


  1. They are both lovely, but the ASB....WANT!!!! LOL...
    How about:
    Ridge Runner
    Guardian Angel
    Silver Moon
    Thundering Water
    Smooth Silk....
    I'll quit now..

  2. Don't quit! I seriously need some help. As much as I like this horse, names don't seem to stick to him. One of my friends says that's how you know that they're meant to leave. I really do want to keep him so he needs a name fast!


  3. Oh-the ASB is so cute!

    I'll try and think of some names for you...maybe something to do with weather? He's grey so maybe a "stormy" name would do well.

  4. You seriously don't want me to name him.

    My matte version is called Zhuzhing and the OOAK ISH I picked up there is Play With My Zipper. Oh, and I named my judge's model Enzo.

    You know enough of the other ones too... :D

  5. I'm not normally a big ASB fan but he's lovely! As for a name...Byron? Nero?

  6. This is what I do when I can't think of a name: The Horse Name Generator!

    This has helped me come up with some of the funnier ones for mine. For your guy, I got Peanut Butter Enchantment, Exotic Apple, or Celtic Babe. lol

  7. How about Quicksilver for the ABS?

  8. Blue Heaven (for the ASB), because he's kinda bluish, and it goes with the weather theme. Or the Spanish version, Azul Cielo, which also translates as Blue Sky.

    For the Arab, I have to say Peanut Butter Enchantment is pretty cool.

  9. Oooh, I'm liking Quicksilver for the ASB. I actually laughed at the mention of a "Horse Name Generator" website, because lots of real ASBs have "Generator" in their names (I gather there was a very successful stud named Generator).

    As far as the Arab, what about "Peanut Butter Panic?"

    Sorry, not feeling terribly original today!

  10. So many good suggestions! I like the color names--those with "silver" and "blue" in them... Hmmm, think I'll play around with some Saddlebred-y sounding prefixes and go from there!

    BTW--obviously all of you with the peanut butter name suggestions do not know me very well. Peanut Butter Panic would work, but Peanut Butter Enchantment. No, no, NO!!!!