Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tiffany says...

she might die if she doesn't get a tack fix.  It's gotten so bad she's had to resort to making her own.
In truth, I was feeling a lot guiltier before I saw that picture.  Part of me thinks that anyone who can make tack that nice probably should be making tack more often.  Still, she does have a point.  It's been all dogs, all the time here for more than a week.  Today was supposed to be different, but then my friend showed up with her new dog and well... 
But I promise that tomorrow there will be no extraordinary dog events.  And I'll make something.  For reals!


  1. Well that is just cooler than cool? Is there anything Tiffany can't do? LOL

  2. I'm telling you--some people have ALL the talent!

  3. Tiffany really should make alot more tack. She really is good- but not as good as you! (You are my favorite tack maker)

  4. I was very surprised when she agreed to a trade for me making her tack! I know she can do gorgeous work herself and that parade saddle proves it!