Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall family fun... with pony mules & pink saddles!

Before today, I hadn't seen my college roommate, Amber, in more than twenty years.

We recently reconnected via Facebook, which is how I discovered that she was visiting a friend in the Denver area this weekend.  I sent her a message asking if she'd like to get together.  She said she would, so we did!  
James and I met Amber, Rhonda, Ty and Heather at Anderson Farms in Erie, Colorado for a day of "fall family fun."
Mostly, everyone wanted to walk through the corn maze so we did that first. 
There was a horse in the corn maze...
but despite our best efforts, we never found him!
Still, I wasn't discouraged.  This was a farm so obviously there had to be a horse somewhere, right?  Plus there was hay,
 and donkey signs.  There had to be a horse somewhere, right?
 Maybe at the petting zoo?
 No, that was all goats and alpacas.
 And then, finally, at the far edges of the property I spotted a pretty palomino!
 Look, another one!  And what's that hiding behind her?
 OMG, it's a pink saddle...
 on a pony mule!
Seriously, is there anything more Jennifer and Tiffany-ish than a pony mule with a pink saddle?  I think not.
And, is there any better way to spend a day than outside with friends, family and the aforementioned pony mule with a pink saddle?  Again, I think not!


  1. Going through the body box now....but has anyone ever seen a dunalino mule???? Better yet a spotted dun pony mule....oh you better get to work on a pick saddle!!!!!

  2. Pink saddle I mean, so excited about the project coulnt speelle

  3. Let me know what you come up with so I know who to build the saddle on. Excited, too!