Thursday, October 4, 2012

Doggone busy

After Maggie died, we decided to take a break from owning two dogs.  After all, Darcy is young, vibrant and a wee bit neurotic.  It seemed that she would be more than enough dog to  for the entire family.
That was all well and good, at least until Seth sent me a picture of Tia.  One of his co-workers was looking to rehome her, and he thought I might be interested.  Surprisingly, I was. 
Tia didn't work out, but the seed was planted.  Just for fun, James and I logged into Petfinder and discovered Marsha.  It was love at first sight, so we drove out to Littleton hoping to meet her.  Sadly, we were a day too late.   By the time we reached the shelter, Marsha was already gone.   There were tears, and suddenly our dog search took on a whole new urgency.
Lou Lou
We still haven't found just the right dog, but it's not for lack of trying. 
I hope she turns up soon so I can get back to my regular life!


  1. Good luck!
    I hope you find a wonderful companion!


  2. I'm sure the perfect family member will be there when it's time. Good luck with your search!

  3. Looking forward to seeing who the lucky next dog will be.

  4. I totally understand your dog search. We recently found a wonderful home for a little border collie mix that didn't fit in with our lifestyle. We still had one good older dog, and that should have been enough, right? But Petfinder is very addicting. Adorable rescue dogs are everywhere!

    It was love at first sight for me last weekend, when I brought home a little retriever mix from the animal shelter. I adore her already, and named her Jessie. I hope you find your new match soon!

  5. The whole family is completely insane!