Friday, October 5, 2012

Glyn Haven workmanship

The workmanship classes at Glyn Haven's Autumn Horse Faire included horses from three different halter divisions--Resin Halter, Mini Resin Halter and Custom Halter.  This made for some pretty crowded tables...
 If I had been judging, darling Nejmet would have won the blue in the gray class.
However, judge Jennifer Scott opted to give Estudioso the top prize instead.  Yay, Fred!
The Brio Sambra painted by Mindy Berg was second... 
and Dhaulagiri--also by Mindy Berg--was third.
The Black class was much smaller and was won by Zefyrr.  This Kara Kush resin was sculpted and painted by Andrea Kessler. 
Rune won the Bay class, but I forgot to take his picture.  If I remember correctly, this lovely Mini Majestuoso was second.
The Braymere gang made a good showing in the Chestnut class... 
sweeping the top three placings. 
Buckskin/Dun/Grulla was just as good...
with my three Purdy horses...  
placing one-two-three!
Appaloosa was broken up into a three different classes.  This older Sheila Bishop custom won the Leopard/Semi-Leopard event...
while Octopurdy and Frank topped the Blanket Appaloosa section. 
Pintos were also split. 
 Letter to Laredo was second in Overo,
Touch of Pink won the Sabino, 
and Khompounded Interest and Poka Tia claimed the NAN cards in Tobiano.
The Tovero class included a pair of big and little Ravenhill Revisited resins. 
Don't they look cute together? 
Khemonahar Ali won the Other Color class. 
I'm not sure how this one placed, but I couldn't not include her picture.  So cute! 
 three views of the Workmanship Championship call back tables.
So many pretty horses.  I was truly honored when Octopurdy and Validator were selected for the top prizes. 
Thanks again to show holder, Jane Schneider and judge, Jennifer Scott for making my day such a memorable one!


  1. Nothing to do with the post at hand, but I'm having a neurotic propmaker moment and thought you might have a quick answer for me: How long, in inches, should ground poles for an arena trail class be? Mine are currently 12" and look too long to my nitpicky eye. I'm using them with a Zippo Pine Bar CM, if that makes a difference.

  2. All the real ground poles I see being sold are 10 feet, which scales down to just over 13 inches in 1:9 scale, or 12 inches in 1:10 scale.

  3. Gorgoues models!! SOOOOOOO wish I could have been there.
    I am officaly obsessed with the Sencillo resins!
    YAY Octopurdy! You are so very very lucky to have Purdy horses.

  4. Spelling correction, gorgeous, not gorgoues.

  5. I didn't realize that Majestuoso (Sorry if I misspelled that) was mini until I read the post! He's so detailed I thought he was a traditional!