Monday, October 15, 2012

How to make shark teeth charms

I keep thinking I'm going to have time to write a real post, but once again, the day has gotten away from me.  Thank goodness for bloggers like Nichelle Jones who allow me to re-post some of their best DIY pieces.  Thanks a million, Nichelle!

How to Make Shark Teeth Charms

By Nichelle Jones

I tried making my own Shark’s Teeth charms yesterday. First, because I’m stubborn and like to make my own hardware, and second, I can’t exactly spare the funds for the etched pieces from Rio Rondo right now.

An hour or so later, I had this made up:
They’re not perfect, and certainly not as nice or polished as the etched pieces, but they will suit my purposes just fine right now. Also, I want to attempt to show you how I made them, in case there’s someone out there who’s wondering…

I first tried cutting apart a pie pan, but it quickly proved to be too much for my hands to cut, and the pieces were so sharp that damage to my fingers or my models was inevitable.

So, I settled for some aluminum tape, which I picked up at a hardware store forever ago.

I stuck it to a piece of scrap paper, but honestly it would be better to stick it on something grey, or if you can find it, metallic silver paper. (probably used for scrapbooking?) Also, it would probably be better to stick it to cardstock or something a little heavier… but whatever.
Using a pin, I punched several holes, later etching a rough shark’s tooth shape around each one. 
Cut out the shape, and ta-da! A teeny-tiny charm.  I made lots of them because some were Ugly, some were Pretty, and some were destined to be dropped on the carpet and Lost Forever.
For the rings, I wrapped VERY thin wire around the thickest needle I could find…
… then cut it apart and shaped each one into a tiny ring. 
Attaching them to the chain noseband was a bit of a challenge, but overall I’m pleased with the results.
They ARE paper, so they ARE fragile. But goodness… it saved me over $20 so I’m happy. 


  1. They look great! Huzzah for creativity!

  2. The nice part of this approach is that the adhesive will probably not decay, as it is not exposed to the air. Even if it did, (if the paper fell off) the teeth would look the same.
    Good idea!

  3. Excellent post! I just stumbled upon your blog page and gathered some good ideas for what I am working on.

  4. "A bit of a challenge?" A BIT of a challenge??!? Woman, you and the other tackmakers - including Jennifer, of course - who I've run across while reading this blog absolutely astound me! I don't know how you do the things you do. Makes my head hurt. :-)

    I have no idea what shark-tooth charms are IRL but I'm willing to bet these look a lot like them. Nice job!

  5. That's such a neat idea for the chains, too!