Friday, October 12, 2012


When Emma is really happy, she stands up on her back legs and jumps into the air.
I know how she feels.  My heart does a little happy dance every time I look at my two beautiful orange girls. 
One week after joining our family, little Emma is still a bit timid.
However, she's growing more and more confident with each passing day. 
Darcy has been the perfect big sister.  I am so proud of beautiful, 
 weird dog!
I also find that I am falling in love with Trillium all over again.
After a summer's worth of lessons, we've really hit our groove. 
She's always been fun to ride,
but now she's also easy to ride!  
Oh, how I love all the animals in my life!

P.S. to my mother (because I know she's going to make a comment).  Never fear, I love the humans in my life, too!


  1. I'm happy to see you and your animals happy too :-)

  2. Happy happy! Joy joy! Love your pictures.

  3. And all of the animals in your life are beautiful!

    (Hey there, Anon - we know who you are. ;-) I think you might have something in common with my mother, who remarked the last time I was with her, "I think I might have overdone it on the horse thing..." NOPE! It's all my own doing!" She just got me started down the path.)